For When you Get Ready in the Morning – The Lord Looks at the Heart

First thing in the morning is a key time to set your heart right.  Taking the first few minutes to remind yourself of who you are and how you want to be makes it so much easier to deal with your day and all that will fill it.  Being intentional in your thought life makes a huge difference in the attitude you bring to your day.

If you can get up early and spend time with God before everyone else is up, great.  In my world, we all get up at the same time.  Having a short intentional reminder as I get dressed is a helpful start.

The Lord Looks at the Heart

I used to do this – think intentionally about mentally getting ready for the day – whenever I thought of it.  I figured that having something visual as a reminder might make it a more regular routine! This is the verse I picked for my dresser.  It is a reminder for me that the effort I put into getting my self ready needs to be matched by getting my heart ready.  And my mind ready.  And my attitude ready. This is what God sees when he looks at me, and that’s the part I want to focus on. It’s fine to spend time to look good, but if I’m getting angry and yelling at my kid, then how beautiful am I? I have to start with making sure my heart is right, and then keep checking it during the day.

Morning Reminder

It’s For YOU!

If you would like a copy of this print as a reminder for yourself, please visit here!  I made it for you as well as for me.  I am rooting for you as you start each day thinking of the state of your heart.  May it be beautiful in God’s eyes!

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