Thinking About Country

I usually come at each week’s post by asking God what He wants me to share with you.  His message filtered through my experience and perspective = what you get.  This week, I’ve been thinking about COUNTRY.

Time to Celebrate

This week country has been on everyone’s mind.   Here in Canada we celebrated our country’s big 150th birthday with fireworks and celebrations.  Our neighbours down south share the same week to celebrate their country and independence.


So many countries in our world are torn apart by wars and conflicts.  But even in a country like ours that is peaceful and prosperous, there is not widespread contentment.  In this age of ‘my opinions must be heard’ and so many outlets to share them, we can’t get away from hearing people complain about what they think our governments are doing wrong.

The Ideal Country?

I agree that our opinions and ideas are valuable, and it is great that we can share them freely.  What it has led me to think, though, is that there will never be a perfect country and perfect government until Jesus comes again.  Until His kingdom comes in its fullness.  Until we are under a theocracy in the country of the One who designed us.  Where we live peacefully and fulfilled as He designed it all to ideally be.

The good news is not just that this kingdom is coming; the good news is that it is also here NOW.  It is the now and the not yet.  Every time something is done with love and kindness, that is the kingdom of God.  Every time we put God’s will ahead of our own, that kingdom is advanced.


We are right to love our country, to celebrate it, and to participate in its governing.  We are right to try to live peacefully together.  And we are right to keep in mind that this is not our only country, nor our final destination.  We have a country and a citizenship that is far more beautiful and far more peaceful than even this glorious land of Canada.  May His kingdom come, and may we all be a part of that.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!