Praying For Your Husband

Praying For Your Husband

Today I want to encourage you to pray for your husband.  Praying for your husband is one of the most important ways you can support him, and yet it’s one of the easiest to neglect or get stuck in a rut with.

I’ve brainstormed up a list of different areas of his life you can be in prayer about.  It is by no means comprehensive; there is no end of things you could pray for.  A good rule of thumb is that if it comes to mind, pray about it!

I sometimes find, like when I open Power of a Praying Wife, that there are important things to pray for that I never think of on my own.  (You can read how I incorporate that here.)  So this list is my way of helping spur you on to prayer.  Because I know I appreciate any help I can get, too.


As a Father

  • that he would enjoy time and common interests with his children
  • that he is able to show his love in ways they connect with
  • that he finds the right balance in discipline

As a Husband

  • that he would never stop learning about his wife
  • that he would listen and communicate well
  • that he would show appreciation

As a Friend

  • that he would have strong friendships with other men he clicks with
  • opportunities to spend time with those friends
  • that they would be good influences and build him up


  • that he would be confident in himself
  • that he would be aware of his strengths and weaknesses and what steps to take to better himself
  • that he would be able to resist temptation


  • that he would be aware of how he is loved and gifted
  • that he would have a desire to serve God
  • freedom from anything that is holding him back


  • that he would tithe and put God’s kingdom ahead of his own
  • that he would involve God in every step of financial decisions
  • that what he is involved in will be successful


  • that he would have integrity and a good work ethic that others notice
  • that he would have opportunities for advancement and growth
  • that he would work for God and find success


  • for any injuries / illnesses / aches and pains that you know of
  • that past problems would not reoccur
  • that he’d care about his health and make wise choices

You can download this list as a PDF by following this link: Praying for your Husband.  I added a little space for you to add in your own brainstorming.  May you be encouraged to pray today, and may your husband, your marriage, and your family be blessed because of it!

Praying For Your Husband

One More Thing…

This will be my last post for a few weeks.  I am off on holidays for the next couple weeks and will be enjoying my family.  When I get back in August, I will be starting my new full time job, so blogging is one of the things that will be up in the air for a while until I figure out my new routine.  Because it will be random, I encourage you to sign up to get my posts in your email so you don’t miss any!  Thanks for being here!

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