The Greatest Love Story Ever

It seems fitting for February 14th to tell you a love story.  This love story is my all time favourite.

Greatest Love Story Ever

The Greatest Love Story Ever

There once was a king.  He was the greatest king who ever lived; wise and powerful and good.  This king created a kingdom that was beautiful and fruitful, and created people to populate it.  He made them to love, and gave them each skills and talents to be contributing members of the community.  He wanted them to love each other and serve each other, and to love and serve him.  It would be the most glorious kingdom there ever was.

Because he was a wise king, he knew that the love his people had for him would be so much more valuable if they chose to love him from the depths of their own hearts, rather than being programmed to.  So he gave them the gift of choice.

It was a wonderful kingdom.

For a while.

Then they exercised that choice and believed a lie and chose to put themselves first.

And consequences followed.

Choosing to live for the king led to life, but choosing to put themselves first damaged relationships.  It damaged the beautiful and fruitful kingdom.  Worst of all, it separated them from the king.

The king, in his wisdom, knowing that his people would choose this way, already had a plan.  A plan to make things right again and restore the love and community to the kingdom.  A plan to bring his people home.

The king had a son.  This son was wise and powerful and good just like his father.  And their plan was this: the son would go and live among the people and call them back.  He would remind them of the goodness of the king.  He would teach them how the kingdom was supposed to work.  And in the end, he showed them what true deep perfect love looked like.

A love that is forced is not a true love, and so the people got to choose.  Some did not even listen.  Some listened and did not believed.  But some did.  They listened and believed and came back to the king.  And the kingdom is great and full and rich with many who love and serve the king, who love and serve each other.

And the king makes sure that the doors are open to the kingdom; that whoever hears the tale of the son and believes, can come and be a part of the kingdom, and be with the king.  And love grows deep there.

And it’s true!

This is no fairy tale – this story is real and every one of us is part of this greatest love story ever.  Each one of us is made on purpose by God the king to live in his kingdom loving and serving him and those around us.  “God’s kingdom,” as Sally Lloyd Jones puts it in the amazing Jesus Storybook Bible, “is wherever God is king.”

Will your story – in this greatest love story ever – be one of living for the king?  I hope that it is.  You can decide today that you want your story to be one of living secure in his love, aware of all the beauty he created you with, and filled with the joy of living in the kingdom.

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