Giving Blood – And Giving Life – It’s In You to Give!

I gave blood last week.  It was a little more uncomfortable than usual; the nurse thinks she must have got the needle too close to the edge of the vein.  I said it was ok, as a little discomfort for me was worth it to know my blood might help save someone’s life.  And that got me thinking about the fact that giving blood IS giving life.

The Power Is In Us

We have the power within us to save a life.  If we share the life blood in our physical bodies, we can save a physical life; if we share the life giving gospel of salvation that we have freely received, we could be helping save a life in another way – helping someone understand what they need to know to receive salvation and eternal life for themselves.

Just as nurses and doctors do the actual work of taking our blood and giving it to someone else, Jesus has done the actual work of giving us blood and life and salvation and eternal life, and he’s the one that can make that change in the other person.

Our Part

Just as we need to voluntarily make an appointment and show up, we have to choose to open our mouths and speak life.  It may be hard or uncomfortable, but think of the possible outcome!  My discomfort is worth it for the chance to help someone’s life be saved, physically or spiritually.  And Jesus desires our participation.  It’s part of his design.  He wants us to be the ones to share his good news.  We the church are the body of Christ, we get to be his voice.

If you are a blood donor, good job!  If you open your mouth to speak Jesus into the world, great job!  Give life, my friends, give life.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!