How To Be Beautiful in 5 Easy Steps!

We all want to be beautiful, right?  Here are my top 5 tips to remember when you are ‘putting on your face’ in the morning!


Beautiful eyes come not from what you put on them, but rather what you allow in;  more specifically what you seek to let in.  Look for the beauty in others.  For the beauty in creation.  Can you see things around you to be grateful for?  Your eyes will shine and reflect back that beauty for others to see when they look at you.


Beautiful eyebrows are ones raised in an open friendly manner.  They say I am listening.  I am friendly.  I have time for you.  (Avoid both the scrunched annoyed or angry look, and the skeptical solo raised brow.)


Keyword to remember for beauty in this area is also raised.  Raised cheeks are only achieved by smiling, and when raised in a smile, they transfer the smile to the eyes as well.  Very important, the cheeks.


Shape and size matters less to beauty than does the level.  Level – too high says I’m better than you; too low says I’m not worthy of you.  Level says I know who made me and I know He made me the way I am on purpose.  *Note – A raised nose can actually be very beautiful when it is because the head is thrown back in laughter.  That is a very becoming look.


A beautiful mouth is not made by what one puts on it, but rather what comes out of it.  Words of hope, empathy, offers to help, and genuine compliments will all serve to  make you beautiful in the eye of the beholder.

And that, my friends, is how to be beautiful in 5 easy steps!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!