Praying For Your Husband

Praying For Your Husband

Today I want to encourage you to pray for your husband.  Praying for your husband is one of the most important ways you can support him, and yet it’s one of the easiest to neglect or get stuck in a rut with. I’ve brainstormed up a list of different areas of his life you can […]

Thinking About Country

I usually come at each week’s post by asking God what He wants me to share with you.  His message filtered through my experience and perspective = what you get.  This week, I’ve been thinking about COUNTRY. Time to Celebrate This week country has been on everyone’s mind.   Here in Canada we celebrated our […]

*Schedule Changes*

Hey, friends. With summer routines starting, I’ve been thinking of moving the every-other-Friday’s Free Printable to be one of the regular features on my Tuesday posts instead.  And since my Photoshop is not even opening for me tonight, that summer schedule is starting this week instead of next time around. Thanks for being a part […]